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Mysterious billionaire's 394ft mega yacht to beat Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates

Project Tanzanite superyacht taking over famous billionaires' sea vessels

By Web Desk
May 17, 2024
Project Tanzanite by Amels is largest yacht ever built in Netherlands. — Amels
Project Tanzanite by Amels is largest yacht ever built in Netherlands. — Amels

A mega yacht by the name of Project Tanzanite is under construction by a mysterious billionaire, which will surpass the ships and yachts of known wealthy men like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

The launch of the first renders of the Amels superyacht Project Tanzanite will be unforgettable. This five-deck vessel is going to be the largest luxury vessel ever built in the Netherlands till date. It is the work of a huge team, according to Luxury Launches.

The vessel’s spectacular interiors are by Zuretti Design, the naval architecture is by Damen Yachting, and the exterior design is by Espen Øino. These designs are to give the 394-foot luxury vessel a grandeur, scale, and appeal which can only be afforded by the billionaires.

With its humongous decks, a massive saloon adorned in the finest wood and marble, and impactful artwork on the walls, the design of Project Tanzanite is a sight to behold. It is set to carry out a voyage on the sea by the year 2025.

Project Tanzanite makes up a volume of 6,080 GT. This monumental yacht beats even the world’s largest sailing yacht, which was also built in the Netherlands and is known as Jeff Bezos’s Koru.

The ship consists of two helipads, two pools, the larger one on the main deck, and a small one on the bridge deck.