Thursday June 13, 2024

WATCH: Wild bull attacks woman on Mexican beach

Onlooking tourists warned woman to step away from giant bull

By Web Desk
May 16, 2024


A bull on the loose on a popular Mexican beach in Cabo San Lucas attacked a woman several times after she tried to snatch her bag away from the animal.

Panicked onlookers screamed in horror as heard in a viral video of the incident that occurred last weekend.

The video first shows the bull under a canopy with the woman who appears to be feeding the animal food from a bag and then from a silver bowl.

The bull trots away from the canopy after spotting several bags belonging to the woman.

She then goes attempts to retrieve the bags when one man shouts: "You are really playing with it right now."

The situation escalated quickly after bull charged at the woman, ramming her several times after she tries to snatch her bags away from the animal.

"Please get away," he yells as the bull devours the contents of the bags. Another beachgoer can be heard calling the woman a "moron" as she refuses to get to safety.

The woman then finds herself on her knees with her back to the bull, which plows into her again, pushing her forward as others on the beach look on with terror.