Tuesday May 28, 2024

Elon Musk's Tesla sued for spreading air pollution in California

Musk worried as Tesla comes under fire for toxic emissions from California plant

By Web Desk
May 15, 2024
Tesla sued in California again over plant’s harmful emissions. — AFP/File
Tesla sued in California again over plant’s harmful emissions. — AFP/File

Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla is being sued by the non-profit Environmental Democracy Project which claims that the company’s factory is spreading air pollution, CNBC reported.

As per the complaint filed on Monday, Tesla’s power plant is emitting harmful pollutants in Fremont, California since January 2021, and is "exposing nearby resident and workers to excessive nitrogen oxides, arsenic, cadmium and other harmful chemicals". 

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District regulators, in a statement, said, "Tesla violations are frequent, recurring, and can negatively affect public health and the environment."

The non-profit organisation has demanded that the company pays a civil fine up to $121,275 for violating the Clean Air Act, in addition to decreasing excess pollution.

While Tesla has long touted the climate benefits of driving EV’s, its manufacturing processes have been anything but good.

Tesla landed at 89 on the 2023 Toxic 100 Air Polluters. In 2022, it was fined $275,000 for failing to measure, track and maintain records about its own emissions or to minimise air pollutants from painting operations at the facility.

In addition, it has been sued by 25 counties in California alone, for mishandling of hazardous substances. In Germany, climate activists have been protesting against Tesla for building a factory outside Berlin by clearing out forests.