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What makes Saudi Arabia the next big travel destination?

Top four destinations in Saudi Arabia that will leave you in awe

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May 11, 2024
Saudi Arabias Neom The Line is worlds first linear city. —  The Financial Express/File
Saudi Arabia's Neom "The Line" is world's first linear city. —  The Financial Express/File

Saudi Arabia, located in the centre of the Arabian Peninsula and home to one of the richest royal families in the world, features an extensive selection of exciting attractions ranging from lavish shopping to state-of-the art infrastructure, The Financial Express reported.

In addition, futuristic projects such as the Neom, which includes the world's first linear city, "The Line," and Norlana, among others, make Saudi Arabia the perfect destination for your next travels.

Here are the top four travel destinations in Saudi Arabia that need to be on your 2024 travel list


Hegra is an ideal destination for nature lovers who are interested in visiting historical places. The area spans over 53 hectares and features 131 breath-taking tombs and amazing rock formations.

Tourists can enjoy a picturesque evening in Hegra on a private horse carriage ride.

Al Qarah

The village of Al Qarah features mountains with mystical caves. Rain and weather changes have led to the formation of distinctive caves and curves, which can give a tough finish to the Grand Canyon in the United States.


The original home of the Saudi royal family, this historic mudbrick-built site is deemed the land of the kings and heroes. Diriyah is a premium luxury dining destination.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea is known for its pristine landscape; it has the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system with 90 untouched islands, mountains, and mangroves, all in one place.