Monday June 24, 2024

Man gets 22-year jail term for cutting off others' body parts, eating them

Marius Gustavson is found behind "gruesome and grisly" enterprise

By Web Desk
May 09, 2024
Marius Gustavson livestreamed mutilation of mens body parts. — Met Police
Marius Gustavson livestreamed mutilation of men's body parts. — Met Police

Marius Gustavson, a 46-year-old Norwegian man, who carried out illegal castrations and streamed them live on the dark web, has been sentenced to 22 years in jail.

Based in Kensington, London, he was the ringleader of an “extreme body modification” group, according to Metro UK.

The group removed at least 29 men’s penises, testicles and other body parts.

Netting the Norwegian man over £300,000 over a six-year period, the filmed operations were uploaded to Gustavson’s “Eunuch Maker” website to paying subscribers.

Gustavson, who is wheelchair-bound, also forced the NHS to amputate his leg after freezing it. He also had his own penis and one of his nipples removed by a male escort. Moreover, he kept them in a drawer for four years until it was discovered by police during a raid on his home.

A freezer stocked with various body parts at his home in Tottenham, London, was also kept by him. This included testicles which he had chopped off other men.

At one time, Gustavson cooked “what appeared to be human testicles which are then plated to be eaten” and kept other body parts as "trophies”, Judge Mark Lucraft KC said.

He added that Gustavson had been the mastermind of the “gruesome and grisly, large scale and extremely dangerous” enterprise.