Friday May 24, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo blesses Dubai with Totó restaurant

Al-Nassr player's Totó restaurant now comes to Dubai after Abu Dhabi

By Web Desk
April 24, 2024
Cristiano Ronaldos Totó is now in Dubai. — Lovin Abu Dhabi/File
Cristiano Ronaldo's Totó is now in Dubai. — Lovin Abu Dhabi/File

Cristiano Ronaldo is popularly known as a football superstar but not many people know that he also has a soft spot for Italian cuisine as his Totó restaurant has found its home in Dubai.

The restaurant’s Dubai arrival was revealed by an Instagram video as someone spotted the Al-Nassr player’s co-owned eatery, according to Lovin Dubai.

Totó is similar to stepping into a time machine to 1950s Italian cinema. With classic decor and timeless recipes creating an unforgettable dining experience, picture vintage charm meets modern luxury.

Moreover, where every bite feels like a scene from a classic movie, it’s basically a journey back to the Golden Age of Cinema. People can expect a menu as impressive as the GOAT’s footwork on the field at Totó.

Each dish is a winning goal for people’s taste bud, from traditional antipasti to delectable pastas and pizzas.

Additionally, when it comes to the prices, people can live their Italian adventure at Totó for as little as 20 euros (AED 79).

In Abu Dhabi, the restaurant made its debut on Al Saadiyat Island and it’s already stealing hearts. The restaurant on Al Saadiyat Island is already a hit with a stellar 4.⅗ rating on Google.

Customers rave about its perfect blend of seclusion and lively vibes, Dubbing it an Instagram-worthy spot, customers rave about its perfect blend of seclusion and lively vibes. Moreover, the food has been called simply divine.