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Candace Owens is a bad person?

African-American commentator is not liked by many people but adored by others

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Candace Owens hates feminism, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter. — Jason Davis/File
Candace Owens hates feminism, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter. — Jason Davis/File

Candace Owens is widely known across America and beyond due to her controversial words unlike before when she was only popular among her colleagues at Vogue where she interned after dropping out of college.

Owens has gained nationwide popularity for her polarising political beliefs and social activism, since coming into the spotlight, according to Nicki Swift.

Out of her several controversial beliefs, Owens, an African-American, has constantly opposed the Black Lives Matter movement, deeming it as the Black American's attempt at garnering sympathy.

"Black Lives Matter protesters showed up to my @UCLA event to protest. ... they're a bunch of whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention," she wrote in a post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, back in 2018.

Additionally, Candace Owens has been publicly critical of modern-day feminism, often saying that women are being brainwashed to follow the movement.

"At best, the movement denotes a selective musketeer mentality; it's a pledge that a bad experience had by one ought to be broadcast and accepted as the reality for all, but a good experience had by one?" Owens wrote in a 2017 essay for Stamford Advocate.

She has also opposed the #MeToo Movement, noting that it encouraged women to be weak.

"The entire premise of #metoo is that women are stupid, weak & inconsequential. Too stupid to know what men might want if you come to their hotel room late at night. Too weak to turn around and tell someone not to touch your ass again. Too inconsequential to realise this," she said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, in 2018.