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What happens if Donald Trump gets convicted ahead of US elections 2024?

The Republican candidate will appear before court on Monday in the hush money trial

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Donald Trump is contesting for US elections 2024. — Politico/File
Donald Trump is contesting for US elections 2024. — Politico/File

As the first-ever criminal trial of a former United States president is set to begin, all eyes are glued to screens to find out what will happen if he gets convicted, The Hill reported.

Donald Trump is accused of covering up secret payments made to adult star Stormy Daniels to hide their alleged affair just before the 2016 elections with help from former lawyer Michael Cohen.

While Trump is busy coming in and out of court, he is simultaneously campaigning for the White House.

According to experts, even if the jury convicts Trump in the hush money trial, he’ll still be able to run for the federal office.

Mediator for the US Court of Appeals for District Columbia and law professor Stephen Saltzburg said: "He's the only person in America who could probably be charged in four different cases and have his popularity among his base go up, because the base is already convinced that he's affected, that he’s being targeted."

A poll conducted by Bloomberg and Morning Consult found that 53% of voters refused to vote for him if he were convicted of a crime, and 55% said they wouldn’t vote for him if he was sentenced.

At the same time, a poll conducted by Yahoo News found that fewer voters considered the hush money case serious.