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'Time traveller' reveals how world will be in year 6000

Shocking discoveries are exposed by time traveller who came back from year 6000

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
This time traveller came back from year 6000. — Screengrab/YouTube/ApexTV
This time traveller came back from year 6000. — Screengrab/YouTube/ApexTV

A man claiming to be a "time traveller" from the future has revealed what our planet will look like in the year 6000.

He has even included a picture of a futuristic city to support his extraordinary claims.

The old man, whose face is obscured, claims that in the 1990s, he participated in a top-secret time-traveling experiment. He has revealed information about life four millennia from now, implying that developments in technology, medicine, and government will render today's civilisation archaic.

This self-described whistleblower, whose voice is muffled to conceal his identity, maintains that humans are living large under the watchful eye of a benign AI bigwig.

A bizarre video, which debuted on ApexTV, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things eerie and mysterious, shows the time-travelling man conversing in a hidden location and disclosing information about "hush-hush tech" and what might be in store for humanity in 6000AD.

In addition, he says he has an image of an undisclosed city to support his time travel theory. Though the man claims that's precisely what occurs when you speed through time, the image is incredibly blurry.

"In the time travel process pictures tend to get distorted, as well as many other things," he explains. He goes on: "I know a lot of you are going to find my story extremely hard to believe and I don't blame you and if I was watching somebody claim these same things I myself would most likely not believe them.", reported The Mirror.