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Jeff Bezos 'twin brother' quits job to live lavishly like him, travelling on yachts

German electrician leaves job to become professional Jeff Bezos lookalike

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
Amazon CEOs lookalike left job as electrician. — Facebook/@CagdasHalicilar
Amazon CEO's lookalike left job as electrician. — Facebook/@CagdasHalicilar

A German electrician has quit his job to pursue a career as Jeff Bezos lookalike.

Cagdas Halicilar, 46, used to work as an electrician when one day his friends showed him a picture of the Amazon chief executive and highlighted their similarities, NDTV reported.

He said: "When I became a businessman, my friends and acquaintances told me I looked like a multimillionaire. I didn't know what they meant by that until they showed me the photo of Jeff Bezos, some of my friends joked that he had cloned me."

After that, Halicilar began cloning himself as Bezos, he started wearing similar clothes and began shaving his head.

The Bezos doppelganger claims that he "looks like his twin brother."

Through his uncanny resemblance to the billionaire, he has gained massive popularity from fans who ask for selfies and videos.

During a trip to Seattle, United States, the doppelganger recalled how Amazon employees would come to ask him for selfies.

He said, "When I was in Seattle with my friends, we walked through the Amazon campus. All the Amazon employees came to me, wanted selfies, and thanked me for being proud to work at Amazon."

He is currently living a lavish lifestyle by starting his own business.

Thanks to his fame, Halicilar has also started receiving offers and gigs for appearances such as Bezos. He has played a small role in the Netflix miniseries "King of Stonks."