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Lionel Messi sparks argument between Jason, Travis Kelce

Kelce brother have subtle debate on Inter Miami player's game

By Web Desk
April 17, 2024
Travis, Jason Kelce argue over Lionel Messi. — AFP/File
Travis, Jason Kelce argue over Lionel Messi. — AFP/File

Following Lionel Messi and Inter Miami's decisive victory over Sporting KC in Kansas City, Jason and Travis Kelce talked about the significance of the game for the spectators.

It is truly amazing to witness one of the greatest athletes in history, as well as possibly the greatest soccer player to have ever played, according to Sportskeeda.

But in Jason's opinion, watching Messi play at a tiny Kansas City stadium is nothing compared to seeing him represent Argentina against the rest of the globe in the World Cup.

Jason said via New Heights: "Of course, it's not the same as seeing Michael Jordan at the Bulls alright! Just being honest, it’s not. Seeing one person on the biggest stage possible."

Travis couldn't believe what he was hearing: "It’s the same sport, what are you saying?"

Jason replied: "I mean, you see one person on the biggest stage possible with the biggest team in history like, this is the best soccer player ever at the World Cup. That's different than seeing Lionel Messi tearing it up in Kansas City."

Travis insisted: "It’s the same, its Lionel Messi."

Jason simply couldn't accept the notion. For him, the significance of witnessing a legendary athlete compete depends greatly on the level of competition and the stakes involved.