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Brittany Mahomes had these health issues

Kansas City Current's co-owner has been vocal about her health issues

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Brittany Mahomes has gone through many health issues. — AFP/File
Brittany Mahomes has gone through many health issues. — AFP/File 

Brittany Mahomes, one of the owners of the Kansas City Current, has been comparatively transparent about her life, including the health problems she and her family have experienced.

In August 2023, Brittany and her husband Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs disclosed that their infant son Bronze was taken to the emergency department upon discovering he had a peanut allergy. 

Though their baby survived his horrifying ordeal, Brittany would subsequently disclose her personal health issues to her social media fans, according to The List.

On March 6, 2024, Brittany Mahomes provided her online followers with a disturbing update. She revealed that she has a back injury in an Instagram Story.

She said: "Just your daily reminder: Once you have kids please take care of your pelvic floor. Seriously. From: A girl with a fractured back," reported E! News.

The mother did not provide specifics regarding how she was hurt, but given that the pelvic floor and lower back are related, a fracture could have been caused by a variety of range of motions, particularly in cases when the pelvic area is weak after childbirth.

Additionally, Brittany Mahomes revealed yet another unsettling detail at the end of March 2024, this time pertaining to a facial outbreak.

Mahomes, who frequently posts pictures of herself without makeup, shared a picture of herself online and stated that the area around her mouth was primarily affected by an unexplained breakout of pimples.

Mahomes concluded that she thought she had perioral dermatitis after the suggestions started pouring in. The National Institutes of Health states that pink, scaly patches or tiny, inflammatory papules and pustules that cluster around the mouth are the hallmarks of this disorder.

However, it was not disclosed what treatment Brittany received to clean her skin.