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Oracle Baba Vanga prediction about WW3

World War III, economic crises, climate devastations among things Baba Vanga has predicted for 2024

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Baba Vanga says Iran-Israel war will lead to WW3. — Hindustan Times/File
Baba Vanga says Iran-Israel war will lead to WW3. — Hindustan Times/File

Renowned Bulgarian prophetess, known for her eerily accurate future predictions had predicted that World War III will begin in 2024, Economic Times reported.

Baba Vanga, who's previous predictions have all come true, had also predicted that World War III will begin this year. She died in the year 1996. 

Following Iran’s attack on Israel and Israeli ongoing slaughter in Palestine, regional tensions are spreading worldwide encapsulating many countries.

In addition to WW3, Vanga also predicted increased terrorist activities in Europe, looming economic crisis with global repercussions, terrifying climate events triggering climate disruption and radiation spikes, and a surge in cyber-attacks for the year 2024. 

She had also predicted that a third "major country" will get involved in the conflict and will start launching attacks and testing biological weapons.

As per the predictions, the conflict will stem from the Israel-Hamas confrontation which will lead to devastating nuclear attacks and widespread destruction.

Another famous 16 century astrologer Nostradamus, in his book "Les Prophecies" predicted that "Red adversary will become pale with fear, putting the great Ocean in dread."

This prophecy, combined with contemporary events like China-Taiwan sea tensions and disruptions in Red Sea shipping routes due to regional conflicts, has intensified geopolitical anxieties.