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Remote workers can now travel to Italy on digital nomad visa

The digital nomad visa is for non-EU citizens, check out if you can apply

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Italy launches its digital nomad visa for remote workers. — Peoitaly/File
Italy launches its digital nomad visa for remote workers. — Peoitaly/File

Pack your bags nomads because Italy has just launched its new digital nomad visa.

If you are a remote worker and love to travel, well consider going to Italy. The country's new digital nomad visa has gone into effect starting this month, CNBC reported.

As per the Italian government, the visa entails to citizens of non-EU states who carry out "a highly qualified work activity with the use of technological tools capable of allowing them to work remotely," Euronews reported.

For eligibility, the tourist must have a job, they can either be self-employed, working in collaboration with or be fully employed with permission to work remotely.

The visa is open to workers to who have an annual income of "at least three times the minimum level required for exemption from participation in healthcare costs in Italy," which amounts to €28,000 annually.

Other eligibility requirements include that the worker should qualify as a "highly skilled worker" and must not have any criminal record within the last five years.

Applicants must also have health insurance and a suitable accommodation covering their entire stay. They should also show proof that they’ve been digital nomads or remote workers in another place for at least six months.

Upon receiving the visa, it will be valid for a period not exceeding than a year. Tourist will be able to renew it and can also bring their family, however the Italy police will have the final say.