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Iran fires multiple drones at Israel

Israel said that these drones, which were launched from Iran, could take hours to reach Israel

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April 14, 2024
IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari speaks to the press in Tel Aviv on October 18. — AFP
IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari speaks to the press in Tel Aviv on October 18. — AFP  

Iran has launched a series of drone attacks on Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed late Saturday. Israel's military claimed that Iran launched more than 100 drones toward Israel.

Iran also launched missiles at “specific targets” in Israel as part of what it deemed “Operation True Promise". 

Iran’s mission to the UN said that the Iranian missile and drone attacks against Israel were in response to the strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and added that “the matter can be concluded”.

The move comes as a response to an attack on Iran's consulate in Syria earlier this month. Iran claimed the consulate attack was launched by Israel that resulted in the death of several Iranian commanders.

Meantime, Iran warned that it would firmly respond to any country that allows airspace or territory to Israel for attacks on Iran.

Iranian Defence Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani issued the warning on Sunday, Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

Following Iran's attack, Yemen's Huthi rebels also launched multiple drones at Israel, security firm Ambrey said late Saturday.

"Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) were reportedly launched by the Huthis toward Israel. The UAVs were launched in coordination with Iran," the security company said.

"Israeli ports are assessed to be potential targets", it said, warning of "collateral damage" to shipping.

The IDF has said that these drones, which were launched from Iran, could take hours to reach Israel. The drones were reportedly spotted flying over Iraqi airspace towards Israel. 

The IDF said that they are on high alert and monitoring all targets.

Speaking in a televised address late Saturday, Israel’s army’s spokesman, Daniel Hagari, said, “Iran launched UAVs from its territory towards the territory of the state of Israel."

“We are on high alert and readiness.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel's defensive systems are deployed and the country is prepared for any scenario. He also expressed appreciation for the support of the US, Britain, France, and other countries.

The US, under President Joe Biden, has pledged to stand with Israel against Iran. Meanwhile, a retired Israeli general has revealed that the Iranian drones were each equipped with 20 kg of explosives.

The Israeli military has said that in the event of a threat, sirens would be activated. It also said that the country's defences are ready to intercept the incoming drones, which they have identified as being armed with explosives.

A Channel 12 TV correspondent, Nir Dvori, expressed on social media that the Israeli public is typically given a 20-second warning to find shelter during missile attacks. However, in this case, the warnings are being issued several hours in advance, which is understandably causing a rise in anxiety levels among the Israeli public.

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