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Eid al-Fitr 2024: Here's how to spend joyous day alone if you're away from family

Spending Eid al-Fitr away from family is really difficult for many people

By Web Desk
April 11, 2024
People away from their families find it hard to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. — Unsplash/File
People away from their families find it hard to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. — Unsplash/File

One of the biggest holidays observed worldwide is Eid. It's a Muslim communal celebration, and Muslims everywhere participate in it with great fervour.

Some obvious activities to enjoy on this day include spending time with loved ones, getting together with friends, visiting mosques, making prayers, decorating homes, going shopping, indulging in delicious food all day long, and simply living in the present.

However, many people live alone away from their families and loved ones. They usually find it difficult to spend this joyous occasion alone.

Following are some ways by which you can spend your Eid well even if you are alone or can’t celebrate with your family or loved ones, according to Chocolaty.

All you need to know is that even though you are by yourself today, you are still enough. Thus, on this joyous day of Eid, get your favourite dishes—such as biryani or whatever else you like—make a quiet nook for yourself, get your favourite sweets, turn on your favourite film, and enjoy a day by yourself.

People usually go to mosques with their families and you may be doing this with your parents, siblings, or cousins, correct? However, you are not with your family this year, so it feels far away. All you need to do is carry out this excellent deed on your own. If your accommodations include mosques, get dressed nicely and head out to see all the unique mosques the city has to offer.

Purchasing and wearing new clothing is one of the most popular activities on the day of Eid. This is a custom you can carry on even if you are by yourself.

Get dressed well, get out of your house, and go visit some different restaurants for lunch or dinner. You are free to go with any companion or by yourself, depending on what works best for you. Hopefully, you will feel much better after reading this.