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Big claims about Donald, Ivanka Trump in latest book

Donald Trump has confidence in Ivanka Trump

By Web Desk
April 04, 2024
Donald Trump wanted  Ivanka Trump to replace him. — AFP/File
Donald Trump wanted  Ivanka Trump to replace him. — AFP/File

Billionaire Donald Trump left the long-running NBC reality series “The Apprentice” in 2015 as he had to run for the US president’s slot. However, he had a person in mind to replace himself, Variety reported.

That person was none other than Ivanka Trump, the former president revealed in the book “Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass,” written by journalist Ramin Setoodeh.

“I said, ‘The best person to hire would be Ivanka Trump,’. I didn’t press it. But I felt Ivanka would have been by far the best person you could hire,” Trump said.

“NBC didn’t like it, because it became like a family thing,” Trump said.

“But I said, ‘There’s nobody you’re going to hire that will come even close to Ivanka.’ They said, ‘Huh…’ And then they came back with Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Through the show, Trump had become a beloved national figure as he would judge contestants with millions watching at home. The show attracted more than 20 million viewers per episode when it was launched in January 2004.

The book “Apprentice in Wonderland”, which will be published in June, gives an insight into Trump after his presidential term ended in 2021.