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Powerlifting champion Rhayara Morais found dead in mysterious circumstances

Body of Brazilian bodybuilder Rhayara Morais found six days after her death, police say

By Web Desk
March 30, 2024
Brazils Instagram influencer Rhayara Morais found dead. — Instagram/Rhayara Morais
Brazil's Instagram influencer Rhayara Morais found dead. — Instagram/Rhayara Morais

Rhayara Morais, a powerlifting champion, female bodybuilder and Instagram influencer, was found dead at her flat.

The 34-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder's death was brought to notice after her friend reported to police that she was unable to reach her.

Police found her body at her flat in Aguas Claras in the country's Federal District. Police started an investigation. Police believe that her body was found six days after her death.

The cause of her death is not confirmed so far as police investigators have not ruled out the possibility of any criminal involvement.

After reports regarding her death spread, there were speculations that her death was caused by a sudden illness.

Rhayara had nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram and half a million others on Tiktok. She took up sports two years ago and soon she won a regional powerlifting title. A nutrition firm and a company producing high-end exercise supplements were among her sponsors.

Rhayara Morais was also a former player of the women's football team. She studied physical education and law.

She took to social media to show off her exercise routines. She called herself a digital creator and ‘Brasilia Powerlifting Champion.’

She also created content for her exclusive website.

Her neighbour paid tribute to her and said, “I met her every day here in the condo and I am shocked. A polite and extremely cheerful person.”

Another said: “I can’t believe it. I’d often bump into her in the lift and she was always very kind.”

One of her Instagram followers expressed grief: “I can’t believe this sad and sudden news. Rest in peace beautiful girl. God will receive you in Heaven.”