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Truth Social: Donald Trump may replace Elon Musk as new free speech representative

Republican candidate is in close race with Tesla CEO due to Truth Social

By Web Desk
March 26, 2024
Donald Trump can offend Elon Musk if Truth Social takes over X. — AFP/File
Donald Trump can offend Elon Musk if Truth Social takes over X. — AFP/File

Donald Trump’s tweets ruled the whole world once. Amid another chaotic US Elections 2024 campaign, he is staying faithful to his platform Truth Social. But why?

Donald Trump using Twitter (now X) to dominate the news cycle can’t be forgotten. Trump had the world’s traditional media at his fingertips, both as a candidate and president.

Following the 6 January attack on the US Capitol, he was removed from the platform officially for contravening the company’s ‘glorification of violence’ policy.

In February 2022, Trump launched his own alt-right platform, Truth Social, heavily mirroring the design and model of X.

He declared Truth Social would be a “free-speech haven” that would not censor users or discriminate against political ideology, he declared.

He “truths” and “re-truths” now instead of tweeting every day – but can Trump “truth” his way back to the White House in November?

Social media was absolutely crucial to winning that election, acknowledging Trump’s ability to fire up his supporters “is a very real strength of his”, Trump’s former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told The House.

However, Trump is in a close lean competition with Elon Musk who calls himself as a “free speech absolutist”.