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Massive wild elephant almost flips over safari bus in South Africa — what happened next?

Angry 11-ft elephant terrorises tourists during South African safari

By Web Desk
March 21, 2024

People need a brave heart and remarkable patience for safari tours because these qualities come in handy when an angry safari animal decides to engage with visitors because you can never predict an enraged wild beast's next move when it takes you as a threat.

In a similar setting, an angry elephant attacked a safari truck full of tourists in  South Africa but how he chose to express his anger terrorised the visitors, the NZ Herald reported.

According to footage captured by bystander, a bull elephant charged and attempted to flip the safari vehicle after approaching the front of the vehicle directly in line with the driver.

The 11-foot elephant then lifted the open-air truck and dropped it to the ground. 

Just when the tourists thought they were past the worse, the elephant returned and pushed itself against the truck before attempting to flip the jeep again.

In another video, showing footage from inside the vehicle, the elephant can be seen just inches away from the driver's face, only separated by glass.

The tourists' encounter with the animal has received mixed reactions online.

Some viewers describe the incident as "traumatising" while others said it's a terrifying but rare up-close experience they'll likely never get again.

Some viewers also held the driver responsible for the incident saying he got too close to the elephant.

The anonymous individual who posted the video on YouTube recalled the details of the incident which he claims to have received from a friend on the tour.

He wrote: "The elephant entered the car park while guests were both on foot in the open and on the walkway (fairly secure). The guide sat there quietly with his engine off until the elephant started to approach the vehicle. 

"The elephant didn't back off and kept coming closer, not responding to warning shouts and door slamming and slapping as they normally will. He started his engine and revved it, hoping the elephant would leave the car park."