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MH370: New theory surfaces pushing investigators into new direction

Plane crash investigator Alan Diehl believes MH370 plummeted into Andaman Sea in northwest of Malaysia

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March 09, 2024
Crash investigator Alan Diehl shares new theory regarding MH370. — NewYork Post/File
Crash investigator Alan Diehl shares new theory regarding MH370. — NewYork Post/File

Even a decade after the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 carrying 239 passengers, the incident remains a mystery, prompting various theories and speculations, the New York Post reported.

The flight travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing suddenly disappeared from the radar, becoming aviation's biggest and most intriguing mystery.

The last words from the pilot recorded before it disappeared near the Malaysian-Vietnamese border are, "Good night Malaysian 370".

A plane crash investigator with 30 years of experience Alan Diehl, has proposed a new theory regarding the missing plane, pushing investigators into a new direction.

He believes the MH370 plummeted into the Andaman Sea, northwest of Malaysia, adding that the pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah wanted to make a political statement by flying the plane across Malaysia to the American military base in Diego Garcia where he planned on announcing his stance.

Diehl's theory, if true, would provide a new direction to investigators as before the search operation was largely conducted around the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

Other prevailing theories regarding the incident include that the pilot was suicidal and intended to crash the plane, while others say he wanted to make a political statement against the existing regime by orchestrating a plan similar to 9/11 by crashing into Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Despite efforts, families of the deceased are still seeking answers regarding the mystery.