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Adin Ross faces backlash after controversial remarks on Ryan Garcia's mental health

Adin Ross must navigate repercussions of his remarks on Ryan Garcia's mental health and weather the storm of criticism from fans and observers alike

By Web Desk
March 07, 2024
Adin Ross spoke with Ryan Garcia during his recent troubles. — Instagram/ Kick
Adin Ross spoke with Ryan Garcia during his recent troubles. — Instagram/ Kick 

Adin Ross, the world's highest-earning live streamer, has found himself in hot water after commenting on the mental health of boxing sensation Ryan Garcia during a live stream. 

The situation unfolded as Ross shared his concerns about Ryan Garcia's well-being, stating, "I could hear in his voice that he might be having a little bit of a breakdown."

This revelation comes amidst a storm of controversy surrounding Ryan Garcia, with the boxer making headlines for his mysterious disappearance and sensational claims, including allegations of witnessing sexual abuse at Bohemian Grove. As the boxing community rallies to support Garcia, Adin Ross's comments took an unexpected turn when fans turned on him, questioning the motivation behind his expressions of concern.

While many empathized with Garcia's struggles, the focus shifted to Ross's possible connections to the "elites" mentioned in Garcia's controversial Twitter Spaces discussion with Andrew Tate. Speculation arose, with comments on TikTok suggesting that Adin Ross might be privy to information related to the allegations made by Garcia.

As the eight most-liked comments on TikTok questioned Ross's motives and hinted at his involvement with the so-called "elites," the streaming sensation faced accusations of being a puppet to hidden agendas. The community scrutinized Ross's body language and speech patterns, interpreting them as potential indicators of ulterior motives.

Adin Ross, known for his mega-streaming deal with Kick, worth an estimated $15 million to $40 million, has recently faced setbacks, notably being played by rappers 21 Savage and Playboi Carti during high-profile stream appearances.

Amidst the controversy, Ryan Garcia appears to be taking a step back from his erratic social media behavior, pledging focus on his upcoming fight against Devin Haney on April 20th. In a video commitment to prioritize his health, Garcia declared a temporary hiatus from discussions unrelated to boxing and sports.