Tuesday April 16, 2024

VIDEO: Rescue kitten forms 'meowrable' friendship with 4-year-old girl

Kitten called Skye eats, sleep, play with its 4-year-old pal Natalie

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024

People usually criticise cats for lacking the devotion and independence of dogs but a video of a profound bond between a rescue kitten and a 4-year-old girl shows otherwise.

Natalie Philipe Fava, 4, and her kitten Skye have an unbreakable love, as seen in this endearing video uploaded to Instagram.

When you see the montage of clips that show the duo doing everything together—eating, sleeping, and playing—it can be difficult to not smile.

The video has received 9.1 million views in a single day. Mother Bruna Fava, 35, discussed their endearing bond with Newsweek.

Fava, who lives in Florida, said: "They are very close to each other."

"Natalie named her cat Skye because of Paw Patrol, the character who is little but brave. Same as she is, little and brave," she added.

When Skye was taken from a shelter at the age of eight months, she had an eye condition, but Natalie nursed her back to health.

The video also shows the two of them eating together at the table, with Skye receiving her meal on a plate.

Fava told Newsweek: "Skye kept trying to food from Natalie, so eventually we just placed a seat for her there."

The on-screen text says: "POV: you've adopted a kitten and gained a bestie."