Tuesday April 16, 2024

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: Who is more mentally competent?

Many US voters believe that both Donald Trump, Joe Biden are incompetent for job of president

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Donald Trump and Joe Biden gesture during separate gatherings. — AFP/File
Donald Trump and Joe Biden gesture during separate gatherings. — AFP/File

A recent study indicates that 60% of respondents believe that neither of the front-runners for president in 2024 has the mental capacity to be the head of state. 

According to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research, over half of respondents say they have little to no confidence in President Joe Biden's mental capacity to carry out his duties as president.

In contrast, about 60% of respondents state they have little faith in the 77-year-old Republican front-runner Donald Trump's mental capacity.

Many voters perceive this year's election as a contest between two guys who are long past the typical retirement age for the hardest job in the world, according to Daily Mail.

The incoming president will undoubtedly have to handle international crises, handle internal crises, and cooperate with a broken Congress.

In an attempt to persuade Americans that he merits a second term, Biden is expected to discuss these issues as well as others at his State of the Union speech on Thursday.

Just 38% of American adults were satisfied with Joe Biden's presidential performance heading into the major event, while 61% were not.

Compared to independents (20%) and Republicans (6%), Democrats (74%) are far more likely to support his performance.

However, there is widespread dissatisfaction with Biden's approach to a number of problems, such as foreign policy, immigration, and the economy.