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Here's what we know about Mukesh Ambani's son's star-studded pre-wedding bash

Anant Ambani is set to marry Radhika Merchant in July

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024
Asias richest man Mukesh Ambanis son Anant Ambani (right) poses with his fiancee Radhika Merchant. — AFP/File
Asia's richest man Mukesh Ambani's son Anant Ambani (right) poses with his fiancee Radhika Merchant. — AFP/File

After India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani threw his daughter the most expensive wedding the country had ever seen, people have their eyes transfixed on the billionaire’s son's wedding later this year.

Ambani, Asia’s richest man worth $112 billion, is currently in the middle of his Anant Ambani’s three-day pre-wedding bash which is set to be graced by several popular names, The Guardian reported.

Anant, 28, is set to marry Radhika Merchant, 29, the daughter of Viren Merchant, who heads another well-known business family.

Radhika, a trained Indian classical dancer, now sits on the board of Encore Healthcare, a large Indian pharmaceutical firm run by the Merchant family.

News agencies and paparazzi have been following the Ambanis every step of the way just to get a scoop on the extravagant affair that is likely to be star-studded.

The three-day pre-wedding party will begin on March 1 at a 3,000-acre garden in Jamnagar, Gujarat, on the grounds of an oil refinery.

Meanwhile, no further details have been disclosed.

What do we know about Anant-Radhika pre-wedding bash?

The garden, boasting over 10 million trees and Asia's largest mango orchard, also houses Ambani's animal rescue and rehabilitation centre, which has 2,000 rescued animals from India and around the globe, including leopards, tigers, lions, jaguars, and elephants.

Previously for his daughter Isha’s $10 billion wedding in 2018, Ambani had Beyonce perform and this time, according to The Guardian, the family has reportedly booked Rihanna as the star performer.

Meanwhile, the guest list includes everyone from Indian billionaires to Bollywood celebrities, with illusionist David Blaine, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Ivanka Trump all set to attend.

About 2,500 dishes are expected to be served to the guests over the three days to ensure they never eat the same dish twice.

India's wedding industry is growing, spending over $75 billion annually on weddings.