Tuesday April 16, 2024

VIDEO: Indian vendor Dolly Chaiwala serves his famous tea to Bill Gates

Text in the video suggests Gates may be looking forward to further such interactions during his visit to India

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024

Bill Gates relishes tea prepared by famous vendor Dolly Chaiwala in India. — Instagram/@thisisbillgates

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is currently in the middle of his tour of India and while his visit has already garnered significant attention, his latest social media post is going viral for all the right reasons. 

The tech billionaire on Wednesday posted a video on his Instagram account in which he can be seen enjoying a cup of "chai" (tea) prepared by India's social media-famous tea vendor, Dolly Chaiwalla, NDTV reported.

The video begins with Gates placing an order with Chaiwalla for a cup of tea saying: "One chai, please."

The video then transitions to some creative shots of Chaiwalla preparing the tea in his signature style, using a special cart as Gates observes him. The video ends with Gates sipping on the warm beverage from a tiny glass cup.

The last shot shows Chaiwalla and Gates striking a pose together with the tea, accompanied by the text "Looking forward to many chai pe charcha," which translates to "looking forward to many conversations over chai."

This suggests Gates may be looking forward to further interactions and discussions during his visit to India.

The Chaiwalla is popular on social media for his videos where he gives his followers a peek into his stall and boasts about his hard work.

The video of Gates with Chaiwalla has garnered significant attention online, with many surprised and delighted to see Gates embracing the local culture and enjoying a cup of chai from a popular street vendor.

The video has garnered approximately 4 million views on social media, accompanied by nearly 300,000 likes on Instagram.