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VIDEO: Travis Kelce goes viral for 'bhangra' to Punjabi song at Las Vegas club

Videos of his dance moves impressed many of National Football League's fans with Punjabi roots

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024

Travis Kelce goes viral for his 'bhangra' to Punjabi song at Las Vegas club. —  Instagram/@bramalea.rd

The internet is talking about Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce once again but this time it is swooning over his unexpected but entertaining dance moves at a club in Las Vegas.

Kelce recently had an eventful weekend in Las Vegas following a trip to Sydney, Australia to support his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, on her Eras Tour.

The 34-year-old tight end returned to Las Vegas to celebrate his team's Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers and was spotted hitting up a nightclub where he danced the night away to a range of tracks including his girlfriend's "Lover Story".

However, a new video of his night at the club has gone viral where he is seen bringing out his dance moves, resembling the bhangra to a lively Punjabi song  "Mundian To Bach Ke".

Videos of his dance moves quickly went viral and impressed many of the National Football League's fans with Punjabi roots.

Although videos of Kelce spending time on the dance floor with "scantily clad women" and "downing" champagne also surfaced on social media, his Punjabi dance moves stole the show and delighted many desi social media users.

Kelce's ability to perfectly match the bouncy beats of the Punjabi hit pleasantly surprised many.

While the athlete is famous for his impressive dance moves, some Indian fans were sceptical of his stereotypical Indian moves as soon as the clip made its way to social media.

One Instagram user called on "non-punjabi people" to "retire" the lightbulb dance move.

From calling the football star "Travinder Singh Kalsi" to accepting him as an "enthu cousin at a desi wedding", fans flooded the viral video with hilarious comments.