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VIDEO: Bengali bride dances to Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' in sweet treat for Swifties

Bengali bride dancing on Taylor Swift's "Love Sory" adds to anthem for Swifties everywhere

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024

Social media fans are enthralled with a video of a Bengali bride dancing to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" at her wedding. The bride and groom decided to celebrate their marriage with the song that is an anthem for romantics everywhere, in a charming display of contemporary love blended with tradition.

Atri Bhattacharyya posted a video of the "magical" occasion on February 13. It showed the newlyweds and their guests happily singing along to Swift's lyrics during the wedding reception. In the video, friends and family have gathered around the newlyweds, who are swaying and nodding in time with the music, according to India Today.

Social media users expressed their love and admiration for the pair in the video, which went viral after it was uploaded online.

"To the cutest and craziest bride ever! May the adventure ahead be filled with love, laughter and sass..!!! To @i.payeldas.official and to the man who has to deal with such taarkata madness," reads the caption of Atri's Instagram post.

Nearly 400,000 people viewed the video, and social media users expressed their love in the post's comments section.

"As a swiftie, I really appreciate this. If you connect well with a song and the words fit with your emotions, language doesn't matter. Lovely," a user said. "Bangali meye (Bengali girl) and her urge to do this on her big day," another user said.

"You did what made you happy on ur D-Day," another comment said.