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Double murder sends shockwaves through Bloomfield, Nebraska

Nebraska State Highway Patrol discovered discarded shotgun several miles away, indicating collaborative effort by couple to dispose of crucial evidence

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
The screenshot of a Nebraska police department video.
The screenshot of a Nebraska police department video. 

Nebraska law enforcement arrested two individuals following a harrowing incident of twin murder at Curt’s Lanes & Dining bowling alley in Bloomfield.

The arrested people include Alias Reed, 25, and his girlfriend Kaylyne Sweazy, 27. 

The arrests followed a tragic event on February 20, where Reed, armed with a concealed shotgun, entered the bowling alley and took the lives of two men, Curtis Strom, 77, and William Reffett, 49. 

Reed now faces charges of two counts of first-degree murder and robbery, while Sweazy is charged with tampering with evidence.

As the investigation unfolds, chilling details emerge about the sequence of events on that fateful day. Reed, driven by a disturbing plan, confronted Reffett with the intention of robbing him. The confrontation escalated as they moved to the back of the bowling alley, where Reed callously shot both men in the head. 

The victim, Strom, was a respected business owner who had served the community for 50 years, according to a Facebook user. “Will words can’t describe how I feel. I loved you so much and thank God for allowing the years together we had to spend as a family. I will forever love and remember you,” another person wrote on Facebook about Reffett.

The aftermath of the shooting revealed a troubling connection between Reed and Sweazy, who were concurrently engaged in a legal battle over the custody of their newborn baby. The court proceedings, aimed at reuniting the family, took a tragic turn on the same day as the violent incident, overshadowing their struggle for parental rights. 

The Nebraska State Highway Patrol, leading the investigation, discovered the discarded shotgun several miles away, indicating a collaborative effort by the couple to dispose of crucial evidence.

The impact of this senseless act reverberates through the tight-knit community, as residents grapple with the shock and loss. Heartfelt tributes pour in for Curtis Strom, whose jovial and generous nature endeared him to the community. Meanwhile, messages of grief for William Reffett highlight the profound impact he had on those who knew him.