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Ivanka Trump pens heartfelt message to late mother Ivana on her 75th birthday

Donal Trump Jr, Eric Trump show love to their deceased mother by posting profound messages

By Web Desk
February 22, 2024
Ivanka Trump and Ivana Trump — or, to be more accurate, the two Ivana Trumps. — Jemal Countess/File
Ivanka Trump and Ivana Trump — or, to be more accurate, the two Ivana Trumps. — Jemal Countess/File

A year and a half ago, Ivana Trump passed away following a fall at her New York residence. Her age was seventy-three. Her children, Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric were all profoundly impacted by her loss.

Ivanka celebrated her 75th birthday with a heartfelt post that included a picture of her mother when she was younger and noted how much the two looked alike, according to Hola.

Ivanka shared the post on Instagram, captioning it with an emotional message. “Imagining you sailing through the heavens guided by the stars… today would have been your 75th birthday,” read the message. The photo showed her mother years ago, smiling as she navigated a boat with the appropriate navy uniform. “We raise our sails in your honor, Mom, navigating through life with the compass of your love and intrepid spirit. We miss and love you.”

Ivanka did not elaborate further on the picture, but it appeared that it might have been from one of her mother's modelling campaigns. 

Over the years, Ivana did a lot of different activities, one of which was modelling for different magazines and companies.

Ivanka’s followers were quick to share their condolences on the publication and comment on the physical similarity shared between Ivanka and her mother. “It took me a while to realize that that was your mother. You look so much like her!” wrote a user.

On their mother's birthday, Ivanka's siblings also honoured their mother. Eric Trump posted a picture of his mother on the Vanity Fair cover to Instagram. Ivana is seen wearing a white dress and yellow sunglasses in it, and she smiles broadly at the camera.

"Happy Birthday to this RockStar. We miss you very much!” he captioned the post.

Donald Trump Jr also shared various photos of his own, showing Ivana alongside her grandkids and more. “Happy birthday mom. We miss you,” he captioned the post.

Ivanka posted a heartfelt statement on social media to mark the first anniversary of her mother's death in July of last year.

“Today marks one year since my mom passed,” she wrote. The photos showed Ivana as she’s remembered by her children, showing off various funny poses and lovingly holding on to her kids when they were little. “Her illuminating and immeasurable imprint on our lives remains with us every day. Miss you more than you know mama,” she concluded the post.