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WATCH: Boston bound aircraft's wing snaps mid-air

Clarke tells the story of jet as it was just about to land in Denver and its wing coming apart

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
A screengrab of a broken plane wing. — X/@ksullivannews
A screengrab of a broken plane wing. — X/@ksullivannews 

A passenger on a commercial flight headed for Boston reported an unexpected occurrence when he peered out the window and saw the aircraft's wing breaking off mid-air.

According to passenger Kevin Clarke, United Flight 354 was a Boeing 757-200 that was leaving from San Francisco, Fox News reported.

According to Boston 25 News, the flight took off on time, but the captain informed passengers that they would have to divert to Denver.

Then, he was able to personally witness the issue. The right-wing slat of the aircraft was "coming apart" and had significant portions missing.

"I’m like a bird striker. That’s not good," Clarke told the outlet. "We take off; I heard this loud buzzing noise, and then it faded away, so I didn’t think much of it, and all of a sudden the pilot is coming back, so I threw my window open, peeked out the window, and the whole leading edge of the wing was destroyed."

He managed to take out his cell phone and capture the terrifying incident on camera as well.

In the mobile phone footage, Clarke tells the story of the jet as it is "just about to land in Denver with the wing coming apart. It came apart when we took off in San Francisco, and we’re just about on the ground. I can’t wait for this flight to be over."

Upon making the emergency landing in Denver, Clarke and the other 164 passengers of the United flight boarded a new plane.

Planes hitting birds is fairly common, and the damage they cause is often minimal, though other times the incidents can require repairs.