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Cute arts, crafts to try with your kids on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is also utilised by parents to spend time with their children in order for family bond to grow

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February 14, 2024
Kids doing arts and crafts on Valentines Day. — Ryan J Lane/File
Kids doing arts and crafts on Valentine's Day. — Ryan J Lane/File

Though romance usually takes centre stage on Valentine's Day, however, in addition to celebrating with your partner over dinner or flowers, you may also utilise this occasion to strengthen your relationship with your family and children,. 

According to Hola, as parents, you can spend this day doing interesting arts and crafts with your children. Some of the ideas are as follows:

The first idea is a heart-shaped butterfly. All you need is red cardboard, fabric, glue, scissors, a pencil, and googly eyes. Create it by drawing two heart shapes on the cardboard, and then cutting them out. Put them apart after folding them into the shape of wings. After attaching some googly eyes to a ball of yarn, match it with the wings.

The second option is to attempt to create a card using a heart motif. Take out a blue piece of cardboard, scissors, glue, markers, and other coloured papers for this design. 

To put it together, draw a heart and cut out the appropriate heart shapes using it as a mould. Take each heart and fold it before sticking it onto the cardboard to form the balloon shapes.

In addition to the above-mentioned idea, you can also make a keychain. For this, you will need some red and white fabric, a little heart-shaped rock, a chain, glue, and scissors to construct a heart keychain. 

To assemble it, trace and cut out the heart shape from the red fabric. Make the heart smaller so it can fit within the other piece by repeating this process with the white cloth. Insert the red gem, then fasten everything together with a chain, according to Hola.

Lastly and the most simple option is a card. You'll need white paint and cardboard in the colours red, pink, and white for this card. Using the red cardboard as a base, cut several pink and white squares. Once a frame is formed, paste them on the base's corners. Apply white paint to your hands and place them in the centre of the cardboard.