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Why Malia Obama is 'queen' of Gen Z style?

Malia Obama is not like regular children of politicians, who dress conventionally instead has eye for style experiments

By Web Desk
February 12, 2024
Malia Obamas street style outfits. — SplashNews/Pinterest/Back Grid/File
Malia Obama's street style outfits. — SplashNews/Pinterest/Back Grid/File

Malia Obama is ruling the hearts of Gen Zers with her unique yet relateable style and outfits, as she is being regarded as the "queen" of new fashion across the globe.

Naturally, being a member of the former First Family means constantly being watched closely. If you even occasionally read the papers or have watched the sleeper hit film My Date with the President's Daughter, you may be aware of this. 

However, few people on the planet can relate to that experience more than Malia Obama, the former First Daughter.

The oldest Obama daughter, who has spent more than half of her life in the spotlight, is making her own way outside of Washington, DC, having moved from the nation's capital to Los Angeles. 

Additionally, the 25-year-old Harvard graduate's writing career is taking off, in part because of Donald Glover, who invited her to join the Swarm writers' room. Moreover, at Sundance, she made her short film debut, The Heart, which she also directed.

But Obama's becoming more of a fashion celebrity is something we've noticed here at Vogue in addition to her writing and filming talents. She has gone towards a slouchy, bohemian sensibility, which is very different from the pantsuits of Capitol Hill, rejecting the notion that children of important people are only miniature versions of politicians.

Obama, who is the first member of Generation Z to be associated with the presidency, is embracing the fashion preferences of her generation, including a love of short shirts, oversized pieces, wacky pattern mixing and lug-sole trainers. Plus, her Eeyore keychain is a cute recurrent element.

She recently wore an oversized button-up with denim cutoffs, calf-high boots, a brown leather bag, and rectangular sunglasses on a mild winter's day in Los Angeles. 

She paired a leather motorcycle jacket with a pretty flowery midi skirt on another occasion. In an attempt to challenge conventional masculinity, she's also paired a blue graphic cardigan with brown trousers. 

In addition, Obama also knows how to dress in a colder environment, even though she may now reside in California. She still wore a multicoloured checkered scarf in contrast to her blue trousers with zebra prints last winter to combat the gloomy winter wardrobe.