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Donna Kelce reveals her words for Travis Kelce after Super Bowl deciding game

"You were possessed," Donna Kelce says to Travis Kelce

By Web Desk
February 05, 2024
Travis Kelce and Donna Kelce spotted together. — Steve Granitz
Travis Kelce and Donna Kelce spotted together. — Steve Granitz 

Donna Kelce revealed to People her first feelings upon witnessing her son Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs team secure a game that would decide the Super Bowl on January 28. 

She also disclosed the first thing she said to him on the field following the game.

Donna remembers telling Travis, "I just looked at him and I said, 'You were possessed,'" at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore after the team won the AFC Championship for the second year in a row.

"It was just the most amazing feats I've ever seen him accomplish," says Donna while speaking about her latest collaboration with Barefoot Wine. "He was on a mission... a mission to make sure that they won this game."

Donna, however, makes sure to point out that Travis wasn't the only one who made an impact, citing his fellow Chiefs players who also contributed to the winning efforts that have the defending champions going to Las Vegas to defend their Super Bowl crown.

"Everything just fit into place. It all worked well and I was amazed at how they could all come together like that," says Donna.

Having made it to the title game for the fourth time in five years, according to Travis on his "New Heights" podcast, "means a little bit more."

Donna also told People, "It's so difficult to get there and to be able to get there two times in a row, this was very special."

She adds, "to be able to be with my other son [Jason, of the Philadelphia Eagles] to watch the game."