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VIDEO: Patrick Mahomes crashes Travis Kelce's appearance on The Pat McAfee Show

First thing Pat McAfee could think of was to talk about tiff between Mahomes and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker

By Web Desk
February 01, 2024

 Patrick Mahomes crashes Travis Kelce's appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. — YouTube

Earlier this week, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes crashed tight end Travis Kelce's appearance on Pat McAfee's show leaving the host stunned, The Sun reported.

While interviewing Kelce on 'The Pat MacAfee Show', McAfee was interrupted by Mohmes suddenly appearing on Kelce's camera and the first thing the ESPN host could think of was to talk about the recent tiff between Mahomes and the Ravens kicker Justin Tucker.

"Hey Justin Tucker was gonna beat your *** dude," McAfee said. "He was gonna beat your ***, you know that."

Mahomes fell into laughter and ran off the screen for a moment before McAfee called him back to the show.

Moving further with the conversation, Kelce shared that he and Mahomes were ready to get themselves called for penalties if anything crazy happened in the game.

"Me and Patrick were on the sideline in the fourth quarter when Tucker had the chance to cut the lead to one score," Kelce said. "If he would have missed that field goal we were 100 percent getting a 15-yard flag.

"I was 1,000 percent getting flagged for that one."

Mahomes chimed back in saying how he wished Tucker missed the kick.

"Of course he made it, of course," Mahomes said. "He just can't let us have any fun."

Pat McAfee loved the interaction with Kelce and Mahomes and complimented their relationship on the show.

Mahomes and Kelce will feature in the Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers on February 11 in Las Vegas.