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In for laughter? Here's a look into best memes of 2023

The year is (nearly) gone, therefore it's time to compile all of the finest memes of 2023

By Web Desk
December 11, 2023
Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour. Margot Robbie for Barbies poster. — X/@ct
Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour. Margot Robbie for Barbie's poster. — X/@ct

Memes are the internet's lifeblood — the simplest method to make a joke online at the time, and the kind of joke that makes you realise, "Oh, I forgot about that," after the moment has passed.

The year is (nearly) gone, therefore it's time to compile all of the finest memes of 2023. You may have already forgotten about these. So far, memes involving anything from kings to spy balloons to Barbie have been popular. So, please enjoy the top 2023 memes.

The Crying Northwestern Kid is all grown up

What a notion, the passing of time! Cameras during this year's March Madness basketball tournament focused on John Phillips, the boy who went viral in 2017 after weeping at the same event. He's now in college, and the internet has provided us with some hilarious memes in response to his maturation.

Kendall Roy is so babygirl

The internet's recent obsession of naming things "babygirl" was mixed with the heir presumptive to the Waystar Royco business, fictitious Succession baby Kendall Roy. Basically, the internet was strangely thirsty for Kendall, treating him like a boyband member whom you simply want to feed and tuck into bed at the end of a hard day — maybe even kiss on the head and tell him he did a good job.

Mashable's Elena Cavendar covered the trend and meme in full, but it's funny and a great illustration of the strange amusement that the internet can still bring.

A ludicrously capacious meme

It's only logical that the final season of Succession would produce a slew of hilarious memes. Tom Wambsgans' legendary roast of Cousin Greg's date gave us the phrase "ludicrously capacious bag," which subsequently took on a life of its own on the internet.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took over the internet

Everyone is talking about Swift and Kelce. Swifties revolutionising football forever with their newfound enthusiasm has inspired some of the finest jokes. Oh, and the term "seemingly ranch" was coined after Swifties questioned about a dipping sauce on their favorite's plate. 

Everyone is Barbie (unless you're just Ken)

The anticipation for Greta Gerwig's Barbie resulted in character posters becoming an internet meme. Everyone has the potential to be a specific type of Barbie...or just Ken. Unfortunately, there is only one Allan.

King Charles' coronation

Put an old man in stupid, flashy clothing, and you'll undoubtedly get some fantastic memes. The coronation was clear internet fodder, and it delivered.

Barbenheimer, all year long

Barbie was the most popular thing all year. Then, combining memes, it wonderfully converged with Oppenheimer. It was excellent, and surprisingly healthy.

Italian memes for Musk vs Zuck

Remember the non-fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg? Musk stated he intended the battle to take place inside Rome's Colosseum, which sparked some amusing Italian jokes.