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Who does Melania Trump want as Donald Trump's vice president?

Donald Trump is considering more experienced lawmakers for vice president's job, as per Axios

By Web Desk
December 09, 2023
Donald Trump and Melania Trump spotted together. — AFP/File
Donald Trump and Melania Trump spotted together. — AFP/File

Melania Trump supposedly wants Donald Trump's future vice president to be fired Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson in the 2024 presidential election, as per Axios.  

Melania believes Carlson would be a formidable stage extension for her husband. However, there will be stiff competition since, according to the site, Trump is considering more experienced lawmakers for the No 2 job. 

Sen JD Vance (R-Ohio), Arkansas Gov Sarah Huckabee Sanders, South Dakota Gov Kristi Noem, and Reps Byron Donalds (R-Fla) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) are among them.

A Trump campaign official denied Axios's claim, telling the Washington Post that the president is only concerned with the Republican primary contests. "The Axios story is pure fiction," an insider told Inquisitr

"Unless and until Trump or his campaign staff makes a public statement, it is just conjecture and not coming from us," they added.

"Trump is only concerned with capturing the Republican nomination and then defeating "crooked" Joe Biden in the general election." 

According to Axios, Trump is against his friends and staff making conclusions about particular people's jobs since he hasn't decided on them.

Detailed personnel planning is not in his DNA, and most of it is based on who he's just spoken with. Many close to Trump have dismissed the idea of Tucker Carlson because they feel he would never select someone who could outperform him. Furthermore, Trump's staff believes, incorrectly, that Carlson is unmanageable.