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Six footballers, including Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham, make ‘ultimate player’

Atletico Madrid attacker Antoine Griezmann was asked what qualities were needed to create his best player

By Sports Desk
December 07, 2023

An Atletico Madrid striker suggested the names of six footballers — former and current — whose abilities when combined would make the ultimate forward.

Atletico Madrid attacker Antoine Griezmann has picked Cristiano Ronaldo's strength and Lionel Messi's technique as the attributes of an ultimate forward, SportsKeeda reported.

Griezmann, in a video on ESPN FC, was asked what qualities were needed to create his best player.

While choosing Ronaldo's strength and Messi's technique, he picked David Beckham's passing and the intelligence of Sergio Busquets.

For endurance, he picked himself and for work rate, he opted for his teammate Koke. In the last, he chose Thierry Henry for speed and Filippo Inzaghi for finishing.

The Frenchman has had a good start in the 2023-24 season with his Spanish club. He has scored as many as nine goals and one assist in 14 matches for his side.

The debate, however, will remain about the greatest player right now. For this, several experts and former footballers have their own opinions, but their discussions revolve mainly around two players: Ronaldo and Messi.

Recently, former Liverpool forward Luis Garcia revealed that he believes that Messi was the best player.

“For me, I mean, I know that Cristiano Ronaldo is an incredible player, but for me, it has always been the same player. It has always been Lionel Messi,” he said.

The duo has been the center of attention for the better part of their careers — spanning around 20 years. They share 13 Ballon d’Or awards between them.