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What will Alexandria Public Schools specifically do with $313 million?

Alexandria Public Schools will utilise funds between FY 2025 and FY 2034

By Web Desk
November 08, 2023
Students in an examination hall of a US school. — AFP/File
Students in an examination hall of a US school. — AFP/File

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) released information on the $313,957,900 budget for its Capital Improvement Project — part of the money will go towards modernising certain school buildings and addressing capacity. 

The funds will be utilised between FY 2025 and FY 2034.

The $361.9 million FY 2024 Combined Funds Budget was approved by the school board in June.

“We have made a strong commitment to cultivating a bright instructional future for our community, and our learning environments and facilities are vital to this priority,” said Superintendent Dr Melanie Kay-Wyatt. 

“This proposed budget, which is in line with our projected capacity needs for years to come, is a testament to our dedication to providing ample room and flexibility to support student growth, learning and opportunity.”

The budget will support the following projects: George Mason Elementary's modernisation; Cora Kelly's capital investment planning; the school system's bus facility will be improved; playground and sports field enhancements will be carried out; and HVAC system updates will continue.

With the help of $558.9 million in CIP monies that ACPS has received over the past ten years, Minnie Howard's renovation and the conversion of 1703 N. Beauregard into a swing space have both been made possible.

The city provides the budget's funding. The city gives the go-ahead for ACPS to start projects after they are approved by the school board. The city is in charge of all accounting tasks and keeps an eye on the money.

Before the budget is adopted on December 13, the community can voice its opinions to the school board during a public meeting set for November 13 at 6:30pm.