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Black-ish and iCarly: Recapping Michelle Obama's enthralling television cameos

Michelle Obama's surprise visits on television shows have revealed her charming and relatable side

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023
Michelle Obamas photoshoot for Oprah magazine. — X@millermobley
Michelle Obama's photoshoot for Oprah magazine. — X@millermobley

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States has not only made history by championing causes related to health and education, but she has also surprised viewers with her uplifting TV cameos.

Michelle Obama's surprise visits on television shows have revealed her charming and relatable side, demonstrating that even the most powerful people can bring humour and inspiration to the small screen.

In this story, we'll take a journey through some of Michelle Obama's dazzling TV cameos that have delighted and inspired fans around the world.

Bow persuades Dre to go to a "When We All Vote fundraiser" in the "Black-ish" season eight episode "That's What Friends Are For." In addition to encouraging individuals to vote in every election, they hope to make new couple friends. But Dre thinks he'll need to find more compatible husbands to get along with. But when they learn that Michelle Obama would be the evening's special guest, their hopes are exceeded.

Even their invitation to have dinner at their home is accepted by the former first lady. However, the Johnson family as a whole wants to go, which can cause unforeseen circumstances.

Leslie had the chance to meet Michelle Obama in the "Parks and Recreation" season six finale. Leslie met Obama for the first time in the "Moving Up" episode thanks to Grant, a National Parks Service employee.

Grant made an effort to get Leslie to accept a position with them even though doing so would force her to leave Pawnee.

"The Biggest Loser" contestants also filmed an episode with former First Lady Michelle Obama in November 2013.

In addition, she made an appearance in the 2016 episode "Homefront." She discussed her charity, Joining Forces, with Mark Harmon's portrayal of Leroy Gibbs when they met at the White House.

In the fourth season of iCarly, Michelle Obama made an appearance as herself. Dan Schneider, the show's creator, wrote the episode with the express purpose of highlighting Michelle's Joining Forces effort.

Obama appeared on James Corden's late-night talk show "The Late Late Show". The two of them sang along to some Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé classics as they drove around the White House grounds.