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VIDEO: Ghostly 'Dumbo Octopus' puts on a show underwater for researchers

The unusual creature is named the famous 1940s cartoon elephant from Disney

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023

This video shows an unusual sea creature, dubbed the 'Dumbo Octopus.'

The researchers at the Nautilus Live Ocean Exploration Trust recount the excitement they felt when they saw a "dumbo octopus" in front of their remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

You could be in for a major scary surprise down in the depths of the ocean, or you could take a page out of their book and learn from their experience.

The Corps of Exploration crew discovered the unusual cephalopod swimming above their ROV "Little Hercules" in the waters around Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) in the north Pacific Ocean.

During their expedition under the sea, the researchers watched the octopus move with its unusual fins that resembled the ears of Dumbo, the famous 1940s cartoon elephant from Disney, hence the name "Dumbo octopus."

They resemble miniature sea umbrellas in the water because their arms are joined by a web of skin.

To learn more about the geology of the seamount and patterns in species distribution, the team was collecting data on the area.

The PMNM, the largest marine protected area in the US according to the Nautilus Live, features large unexplored areas with the potential to find historic shipwrecks that could be carefully explored, IFL Science reported.

Scientists have discovered that dumbo octopus feeding habits create octagon shapes on the seafloor. These mysterious creatures, part of the Grimpoteuthis genus, have been observed as deep as 7 kilometres under the waves.

Despite their depth and activity, these ocean creatures continue to delight scientists, proving their fascinating nature.