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VIDEO: Apple iPhone 15 Pro delivery dispute kicks up 'mobile rumble' at India store

Delayed Apple iPhone 15 Pro delivery led to big brawl at Croma Store in New Delhi's Kamla Nagar

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023

A brawl broke out between the customers and staff at the Croma Store in New Delhi's Kamla Nagar over the sale of iPhone 15 Pro and a video of the massive scuffle is currently breaking the Internet.

On Friday, retailers in India began selling the iPhone 15 series, which Apple released in the country days earlier.

There was a lot of anticipation among iPhone users to switch to the 15-series model.

The video purports to be from a Croma Store that sells mobile phones including iPhones. 

The footage shows two customers and a few employees punching and verbally insulting one another inside the shop.

One customer is said to have started fighting with the store employee when the latter refused to sell the former an iPhone 15 Pro.

Then other customers punched the workers and also pulled and tore the workers' t-shirts. 

A Sikh man who was a customer lost his turban in a fight with a store staffer. 

The other workers in the shop made an effort to break up the fight but to no avail. 

However, it hasn't been proven that the employee's attempt to sell clients an iPhone 15 Pro was unsuccessful.

According to reports, the Delhi Police has taken action against the customers after a video of their fight over the allegedly delayed delivery of an iPhone 15 Pro surfaced. 

Social media users are reacting to the video and making fun of iPhone owners as it becomes increasingly popular.