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Ivanka Trump fondly feeds Maui families displaced by devastating wildfires

Ivanka Trump also visited a church in Lahaina, Hawaii

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September 18, 2023
Ivanka Trump wore a name tag that read “Iva” as she handed out food. — Twitter @cityserve
Ivanka Trump wore a name tag that read “Iva” as she handed out food. — Twitter @cityserve

Ivanka Trump recently made a covert trip to Maui to provide food and necessary supplies to locals who are still suffering from the horrific wildfires that struck Hawaii last month.

The former first daughter went on a charity mission with CityServe International, distributing 250,000 prepared meals to displaced families who had been devastated by the biggest wildfire in American history.

During her visit to a Lahaina church that doubles as a food bank, she got to know locals who are starting over in life.

Ivanka Trump distributed fresh produce grown locally in Maui while sporting a name tag that read "Iva" and wearing a basic tank top and green cargo pants.

She also offered pre-packaged groceries, and posed for pictures during her visit.

"Her humble presence lifted spirits and reminded the people of Lahaina that they are not forgotten," CityServe said in a statement.

"Amid the tears being shed, there are tangible signs of hope and love, and with the arrival of meals and supplies, our partners and team joined Ivanka in lifting boxes of supplies, comforting survivors and sharing meals to those who have lost everything."

In Maui, some 6,000 displaced individuals are lodging in hotels, while an additional 1,100 do so in Airbnb homes.

According to CityServe, Ivanka Trump and the team provided displaced families and individuals sleeping in hotels, neighbourhood distribution centres, and food banks all across Lahaina with food, water, local produce, gift cards, and other essential goods.

Residents are cautioned not to drink the water and to avoid places that have been burned, reported NY Breaking.

According to CityServe, Trump also used her contacts to persuade other businesses to give supplies to residents of Maui.

A 747 carrying $1 million worth of supplies will fly to Maui the following week, including e-bikes, electric scooters, electronics, toys, dry food, small appliances, ukuleles, and other items.

The 2,170 hectares of land have been burnt, but the island's forest fires are again under control. Currently, 97 people have died and another 66 remain missing.

Ivanka Trump also went to a church in Lahaina that is also serving as a food bank.

While authorities remove potentially toxic ash and other debris, the Maui fire area is still only accessible to authorised workers. An estimated 2,200 buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

The cleanup can take months. The initial cost estimate is $5.5 billion.