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VIDEO: Were Jaime Maussan's alien corpses coffee cakes that Mexican parliamentarians feasted on?

“This is a recreation of the “alien corpses” made into cake by The Bakeking Ben Cullen

By Web Desk
September 16, 2023

The bodies that are purportedly those of ancient aliens are causing quite a stir on the internet as a video of an extraterrestrial being sleeping down has become popular on social media. 

The slender creatures were said to have been discovered in Mexico. Since then, a video of its face being hacked off with a knife has surfaced online. It has now been reportedly established that the alleged non-human bodies of purported extraterrestrial beings were actually cakes.

The alien corpses displayed by journalist Jaime Maussan before the Mexican parliament, are shown to be made of cake in a viral video that has been quite seriously stirring the Internet for a while now.

Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) have been flooded with images and videos of the puny aliens resting down. 

Social networking handles Daily Loud and Pubity made sure that identical images circulated online like wildfire.

The non-human creatures were not mummified after being discovered in Mexico, unlike what the internet claims.

The pastry chef who produced the extraterrestrial figure made it out of cake.

It is untrue, despite what internet users continue to believe, that the extraterrestrial creature was turned into a mummy. It was essentially a coffee cake, in truth.

A community message from X informed their users that the mummified alien is actually a cake

“This is a recreation of the “alien corpses” made into a cake. This was done by @The_Bakeking.”

The aforementioned X user posted a video of the mummified body being cut up with a knife on September 15th. The creature's face was cut open, revealing what appeared to be chocolate icing.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that the alien was merely a cake and not a mummified corpse in the first place, SK Pop reported.

His real name, according to @The_Bakeking's official X page, is Ben Cullen. According to reports, he is an "award-winning cake artist" who admitted to participating in Netflix's Extreme Cake Makers. Additionally, he has a YouTube account with over 43K subscribers.

As pictures of the ancient extraterrestrial entity went viral online, netizens created hilarious memes. A few read:

The inventive dish has become a global hit as the "is it cake?" craze resurfaces. In the popular quiz, bakers ask online users if their creations are made of cake or real objects. Among other things, bakers have made cakes that resemble genuine footballs, bananas, toys, and bags.

The mummified alien in question also made it to the Congress of Mexico. The chairman of Americans for Safe Aerospace, Ryan Graves, said that the "non-human" individuals were an "unsubstantiated stunt" at the congressional hearing, according to Jaime Maussan, a self-described UFO expert.