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This little girl escapes death after dog attack as mum calls for breed ban

Mother of minor girl Amy Hobson is now calling for a ban on XL Bully breed, citing safety concerns for communities especially children

By Web Desk
September 14, 2023
Amy Hobson with her daughter Luna, who was savaged by an XL Bully. Daily Mirror
 Amy Hobson with her daughter Luna, who was savaged by an XL Bully. Daily Mirror

A four-year-old girl has been left scarred for life after an attack by a big dog.

Her courageous mother is now leading a call for action to ensure the safety of our communities, particularly our children. 

Little Luna Forsyth was subjected to a terrifying attack by an XL Bully dog while she visited a friend's house back in April along with her mother. Her mother, Amy Hobson, acted heroically to rescue her daughter from the jaws of the animal.

The traumatic ordeal saw Luna undergo plastic surgery and receive 40 stitches on her face. The doctors confirmed that the little girl will have to carry scars from this shocking incident for a lifetime. 

It's no wonder that Luna now fears dogs, her mother said. For the initial months following the attack, her usual cheerful and bubbly self was deeply affected, she said.

Amy Hobson is standing firmly behind Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who has voiced her concerns about the XL Bully breed. Amy agrees that this breed should be banned to prevent further tragedies. If an outright ban is not on the horizon, Amy advocates for a law that mandates muzzling XL Bully dogs in public spaces to ensure everyone's safety.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mirror, Amy also revealed that she had an altercation with the dog's owner, who allegedly concealed the dog and refused to hand it over to the police for more than 24 hours. 

Home Secretary Suella Braverman echoed the public sentiment, calling the XL Bully breed a "clear and lethal danger" to communities, especially children. 

She has taken the initiative to seek urgent advice on potentially banning these dogs, expressing the urgency of the matter. 

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs holds the authority to add dogs to the banned list.