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Would-be father-in-law marries bride after groom flees wedding in Indonesia

Bride's family was concerned about the money they had spent on the wedding preparations

By Web Desk
September 06, 2023
The father of the groom.—Twitter
The father of the groom.—Twitter

An Indonesian groom's father married the bride after the groom disappeared on his wedding day, leaving the bride and her family humiliated.

The groom, identified as Isra, was supposed to marry the girl on August 29 in the village of Jikotamo, South Halmahera. However, he disappeared on the day of the wedding.

The bride's family was concerned about the money they had spent on the wedding preparations. The wedding cost approximately 25 million rupiahs ($1,700), and they did not want to lose that money by cancelling the event.

As a result, the groom's father stepped in and married the bride. The wedding ceremony was reportedly bizarre, but it was seen as the best way to save the bride's family from shame.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with some people expressing sympathy for the bride and others criticizing the bride's family for going ahead with the wedding without the groom.

It is unclear why Isra disappeared on his wedding day. Some people have speculated that he may have had cold feet, while others have suggested that he may have been involved in another relationship.