Sunday October 01, 2023

'Are you joking?' Woman demands refund from photographer after divorce

"I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we don't need them anymore," says woman

By Web Desk
May 08, 2023
Representational image. — Unsplash
Representational image. — Unsplash

A woman in South Africa contacted her wedding photographer after nearly four years with an unusual request: a refund for his services as she had been divorced.

The woman's absurd request came to light after her WhatsApp conversation with the photographer went viral on the internet.

A photographer, Lance Romeo, shared the chat on Twitter.

When she contacted him, the photographer at first thought that it was a prank. However, he was wrong and later realised that the woman wasn't joking around and she actually wanted her money back.

In the chat's screenshots, it can be seen that the woman first messaged the photographer. "I don't know if you still remember me. You did a photo shoot for me at my wedding in Durban in 2019."

In response, the photographer tells her that he remembers her. Then, the woman tells him that although he had done a great job, the photos had gone to waste as she was now divorced.

"I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we don't need them anymore," the woman said.

But, the photographer did not give in and said he would not return the amount. However, the lady did not budge and told him that he would hear from her lawyers.

His tweet soon went viral and has amassed over 386.4K views on Twitter, with many Twitterati sharing their two cents on the unusual conversation.

Many social media users dropped comments on the viral tweet.

A user wrote: "There is noooooo way she is serious! The lawyer in me now wants to do a self-moot and see how I'd deal with it if she was my client... but again... I suspect she wouldn't be able to pay my fees... or later ask for a refund after we lose."

Another user commented: "It's not a refund that's needed here! Waiting for the part where she says it's a prank."