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Kate Middleton uses ‘intense’ eye contact during latest outing

Kate Middleton has been making waves as she met the South African head of state

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022


Kate Middleton has been making waves with her recent royal visit as the Princess of Wales and Prince William hosted their first State Visit of King Charles III’s reign.

The parents of three greeted the South African head of state at a hotel in London on November 22.

Weighing in on the couple’s body language during the recent outing, body language expert Judi James said: “There are some out-of-character signs of tension on Kate’s face as she sits in the car en route to welcome their guest for their first state visit as Prince and Princess of Wales, suggesting she is taking her new responsibilities seriously."

"She also hangs back as William strides to greet their visitor, but when she does step forward her handshake looks slickly professional, with an extended arm and a raised hand with her thumb placed on top of the clasp in a signal of confidence,” Judi added, quoted Express.

"She also uses intense-looking eye contact and her smile looks unforced,” the expert continued. “Kate’s pose beside the President contains two signals of confidence and connection with the camera.”

"She poses initially with her hands clasped in front, which mirrors her husband’s pose, but she is also seen with her arms hanging at her sides in a more individual expression of confidence,” the expert further added.

"The second signal is the one raised eyebrow, which creates a stronger tie-sign with the cameras than the usual regal smile."