Imran, workers take oath ahead of long march

October 05, 2022

Imran told his party leaders and activists that he would not accept any excuse this time

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan while taking oath to workers. — Facebook PTI

PESHAWAR: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday took oath along with the workers to fully participate in the anti-government movement at the Chief Minister’s House here.

Former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor Shah Farman administered the oath. Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan asked his party workers to roll up their sleeves for his final call for the ‘Haqiqi Azadi Tehreek’ and long march on Islamabad.

Imran, however, didn’t announce a date for the protest movement, but said it would happen soon. People close to Imran told The News that he later told them he could give a call for the ‘last and final protest’ within a week.

Their plan is to march towards Islamabad and stay put until the incumbent coalition government is sent packing, according to the party senior leaders. Imran told his party leaders and activists that he would not accept any excuse this time, saying, “The weather is fine and party workers are prepared for the long march.”

“Last time we were not properly prepared and then the weather was quite harsh. But this time the situation is favourable, as the weather is fine and party workers and other people are well-prepared for a long protest,” a senior PTI leader told The News while quoting Imran Khan.

Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, former governor Shah Farman and former chief minister Pervez Khattak also attended the meeting. According to the party leadership, all the party office-bearers, including elected representatives, district and divisional heads, would be required to bring a large number of people to Islamabad when he gives them a call.

“This time the plan is for a longer time, as we will not return home before sending the federal government packing. Also, another plus point is that this time we do have a government in Punjab and, therefore, nobody would stop our workers from coming to Islamabad from Punjab,” Imran argued.

He said it would be a test case for every PTI leader, particularly elected representatives, as to how many people they would bring to the march, saying he would personally supervise it. “It is early to predict but our plan is to besiege Islamabad from different directions and then enter from various places and finally stage a sit-in. The protest will continue till the federal government is shown the door,” the PTI leader said on condition of anonymity.

He said Imran Khan told his inner circle that since he was busy in Islamabad and Punjab, therefore, he couldn’t spare time for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. Imran first time called his party activists from districts and tehsils and spent some time with them.

The party had recently focused on organisational structure and appointed many new office-bearers in the province. All the party office-bearers of the province were called to the meeting. He first met the PTI representatives from Peshawar, and later held separate meetings with activists from other regions.

Taking the oath, the PTI office-bearers pledged to abide by the Constitution, defend themselves, consider their ‘Haqiqi Azadi Tehreek’ as jihad and not only to participate in it, but render every sacrifice for making it a success.

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