New bottle, stale wine

May 22, 2022

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi is a new play with a roster of heavy hitters that follows a predictable storyline

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aisi Teri Khudgharzi is a new play starring Noaman Ejaz, Durre Fishan Saleem, Atiqa Odho, Danish Taimur, Laiba Khan and Laila Wasti. The first episode aired on May 11. It does not promise anything new thus far. Danish Taimur is playing the role of a spoiled rich brat who is used to getting his way. His hobbies include driving fast cars and breaking every rule in the book. He drinks heavily and drives the latest sports cars. He reminds viewers of similar characters enacted by Feroze Khan, who is becoming a little type-cast in roles that see him as an obsessed lover who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Danish is also portrayed as a character who cannot take no for an answer, even if the object of his desire is repulsed by his mere presence.

In this particular play, Noaman Ejaz plays the role of a business tycoon and Atiqa Odho plays his wife. These two have played similar roles in the past and can probably do it with their eyes closed. Danish Taimur is their extremely unruly son who drives around in his SUV, terrorising people with his army of bodyguards. Durre Fishan Saleem is the daughter of a lecturer and engaged to her first cousin. Unlike Danish, she is an extremely studious and responsible daughter who wants to have a career and support her father with household expenses. Her younger sister is the exact opposite and plays a carefree, irresponsible character. She is the baby of the family.

It is a pity that more roles are not written for veteran actors like Noaman Ejaz, Sakima Sammo and Atiqa Odho, who have aged like fine wine and can still give the youngsters a run for their money.

A chance encounter with Mehak (Durre Fishan Saleem) on the road makes Danish fall head over heels in love with her. As can be seen and gauged from the teasers, he is extremely headstrong, has a terrible temper and has always got what he wanted. This is probably why he treats people not as individuals but as objects to be acquired to satisfy his possessive and controlling streak.

Somehow, the characters seem like puppets. It is quite obvious that this play has been made with the masses in the mind - people who crave for style rather than substance. Since the premise is weak, an effort has been made to compensate by showing palatial villas, fast cars and the high life led by the rich and famous. Noaman Ejaz and Atiqa Odho are both actors par excellence. Casting them in stereotypical productions is a waste of their talent and potential. Durre Fishan is also an extremely talented actress often remembered for her role in Pardes.

This is another run-of-the-mill play with more style than substance. The story has already been done umpteen times. There is nothing new to look forward to. The characters are extremely clichéd, the dialogue nothing to write home about and the acting stereotypical.

The one episode aired so far was downright predictable and ridden with clichés. Let’s see if this play takes a turn for the better or stays on the tried and tested path while relying heavily on lavish sets, designer outfits, glamorously turned out women and gigantic homes. It is a pity that more roles are not written for veteran actors like Noaman Ejaz, Sakima Sammo and Atiqa Odho, who have aged like fine wine and can give the youngsters a run for their money. However, as long as there is an audience for the kind of productions, they will continue to be churned out.

Every cloud has a silver lining and plays like Akhri Station, Ibn-i-Hawa, Parizaad, Raqeeb Say, Qissa Meherbano Ka and Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahin give us hope that there is an audience for novel scripts and sensitive characters. Unfortunately, Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi appears to be going in the opposite direction.

The writer is an educationist. She can be reached at gaiteeara

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